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May 19, 2009 at 08:21 AM

I'll Remember
by Vito Orlando 

I’ll remember those times on Nantucket
And at Great Point Rip;
I’ll remember the Galls
On our very first trip

I’ll remember Chatham,
And also Nauset Beach,
Casting to those Bass
That were just out of reach

I’ll remember Staten Island
With its bulkheads and eddies;
I’ll remember casting pencil poppers
From those Riis Park jetties

I’ll remember Plum Beach,
And the fish we caught there,
Those fishless nights at Breezy Point,
The long hours of despair

I’ll remember the wet suits
On the North Bar at night,
And catching bass on Jones Reef
A short distance to the right

I’ll remember Gin Beach
And your footprints in Shagwong’s sand;
I’ll remember driving all night,
To fish some far and distant land

I’ll remember the Light House
With its large jutting shoulders,
And you casting yellow darters
From its kelp covered boulders

I’ll remember your buggies
A total of four,
And at 2AM,
How you drove up to my door

I’ll remember Democrat,
And the Sore Thumb;
Tobay-Gilgo, and Cedar,
When from Jones Beach we would come

I’ll remember Sunken Meadow,
And Caumsett with all its flair;
I’ll remember Hortons Point
In the chilly autumn air

I’ll remember Block Island
With its cliffs so high
And fishing with you
Under a cold November sky

I’ll remember the time
My body so sore;
I’ll remember who was first
At my hospital door

I’ll remember a man
Never too tired to teach
And those long frustrating nights
On some far away beach

I’ll remember the other times
All too numerous to write;
I’ll remember those lost Bass
On your birthday night

I’ll remember that call
It was in the early dawn,
Announcing the end of an era
The bass and bluefish would mourn

I’ll remember a Surfman,
And a friend through and through;
Though these memories will remain golden,
Foremost; I’ll always remember you

Rest in Peace Buddy

Jerry Bernard, who never had a bad word to say about anyone,
made his last cast at 6:15 AM, December 9, 1990.

Jerry was one of the original founding members of the Farragut Striper Club.

Next Club Meeting is Wednesday June 2nd.