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May 19, 2009 at 08:43 AM

In every sport, there's a level of distinction that separates the men from the boys. In surfcasting, its the landing of a striped bass of fifty pounds or greater. A large striped bass, most likely female, is known locally as a "cow."

Here, we review some of the more recent 50 lb. cows landed by members of the Farragut Striper Club.

50+ lbs.
Manny Moreno
October, 2001

On a night winds pushing 20 knots, Manny Moreno swam to a far off boulder on the south side of Montauk .  About an hour into his routine Manny hooked up with a cow of unbelievable proportions. As Manny read his scale and determined the fish to be around 48 lbs., Scott Hayes' voice could be heard shouting. "Her tail is still in the water!," he screamed. As Scott made it to Manny and the two weighed the fish, they were shocked to see it bottom out a 50 lb. Manley Scale. They marked the spot where the scale had bottomed out and quickly released the Cow into the raging surf. Upon tests once back inshore it was determined with the help of Nor'East Saltwater's John Skinner that Manny's fish was approximately 58 lbs.

 50 lbs.
Manny Moreno
June, 1998

Mike and Manny got out to the jetty at about the same time. The fishing had been slow. Mike surveyed the situation and decided he did not like the way the water looked. He reportedly moved to find a better spot. Manny stopped and made a cast.

51 lbs.
Manny Moreno
June, 1993

Before Manny left to go fishing that night his girlfriend said, "Good luck, you have a date with a 50." She never said it before, and has not said it since. Except...

52 lbs.
Lief Gobel
October, 1992

Lief is not the kind of guy that gets excited about anything, he just takes it in stride. On this night, he decided he would like to keep a fish. He landed the cow, and put it up on the rocks. Later on that night Mitch Sarro stopped by, "Hey Lief, that's a 50!" "Hmmm, think so?" was his reply. The next day he weighed it in, and a 50 it was!

52 lbs.
Mike Colon
November, 1991

Mike set out to fish the beach on the last day of the surf fishing contest. He was very disappointed to see that the surf was way up, and unfishable. He had no choice but to fish the back side of the inlet. Good move!

55 lbs. +
Kenny Kassan
October, 1991

Kenny was fishing the north side of Montauk during a storm. He was throwing bucktails, his favorite. He hooked into a big fish that eventually washed in just down the beach. From out of the dark he could hear another surfcaster's voice, "Hooooooly shit!" The fish bottomed out all hand scales, but Kenny let it go. Many credible witnesses put the fish at closer to 60 lbs!

55 lbs.
Joe Micelli
September, 1991

Joe went up to the Cape for a week of fishing, but ran straight into a hurricane. He ended up fishing the bay side most of the week. He only caught one fish all week, but that's one fish hell of a fish!

52 lbs.
Jorge Labrada
June, 1991

Jorge was fishing like a maniac, but could not connect with that big cow. His wife was getting on his case for going fishing so much. On this night there wasa club meeting. He said he was not going fishing, just to a meeting, but snuck his gear out the window. Yes, Jorge went to the meeting, but went fishing immediately after. Wonder what his wife thought when he came home with the big cow?

51 lbs.
Mitch Sarro
July, 1990

When Manny Moreno got out to the jetty, he could see lights and lots of activity. Mitch Sarro was trying to weigh a big fish with his hand scale, but he could not lift it. You can see the mount and picture of Mitch's fish at his auto shop, American Muffler, located in Westbury, LI.

52 lbs.
Kenny Kassan
October, 1986

Kenny couldn't wait to call his fishing mentor, George Wade. "George, I just want to thank you for all the screaming and yelling, all the times you had to correct me, all the things you taught me," George, still half asleep, didn't understand why this guy was calling him from Montauk in the middle of the night. Then it hit him - "Oooooh shit, Kenny, how big?"


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